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Charging Positivity • Empowering Lives

3K Positive is a training company in Singapore that specialises in areas of personal development, life mastery and building up critical skills used in sale, business and more!
Apart from our courses listed on this site, we offer custom-made courses and workshops for companies from various industries and fields! Contact us now to enquire more!

The famous CEO of Alibaba, Jack Ma once said “The future does not belong to people who are rich; the future belongs to the people who are positive”. In the world we live in today, positivity hardly makes it to the top of our minds, let alone our Facebook feeds. The world is filled with drama and negativity, clouding our minds giving off bad vibes. We’re here to change that!

Founded in 2013, we aim to charge the people around us positively through positive actions, positive speech and positive thoughts. Since inception 3K Positive has conducted more than one thousand courses across Southeast Asia, even as far as Nigeria! Our foundation of material fuses eastern and western philosophies, making it very relatable for Singaporeans and our ASEAN neighbours to absorb and follow.


“Before, I did not have any drive nor motivation in life. After attending 300 Percent Positive courses, I now have a direction in life! Positivity changed my life!”
“300 Percent Positive gave me many opportunities to create values for the people around me. Teaching us to not only get an ‘A’ in school, but an ‘A’ in life, those are some of the best values that one can give to others!”
L. Lim
“300 Percent Positive has influenced me to have a Positive outlook to everything, which is vital in this ever-changing world right now, where people are so hard-up and stressed with their commitments!”
Liang Choon
“300 Percent Positive taught me that we can’t change the number of NO’s in a day, but we can change the attitude towards the NO’s we get! I used to be affected easily when someone said NO, but now, I see it as a challenge!”