Appreciation for 5000 Elderly
Lions Clubs Charity, Singapore

Asia Pacific Top CEO Conference
Chengdu, China

Lianhe Wanbao Health & Beauty Fair
Suntec, Singapore

Miss Singapore Grand Finals


Super Sales Training by Chen Di Hao
March 2016, Singapore

Super Sales Training by Chen Di Hao
April 2016, Singapore

Super Sales Training by Chen Di Hao
May 2016, Singapore

Magic of Capital (MOC) 5.0
June 2016, Singapore

Awaken Your Inner Wisdom – Jenny Sun
2016, Singapore

Re-awaken Your Inner Spirit – Jenny Sun
2016, Singapore

3-in-1 Ultimate Success Course
2016, Singapore

Art Of Closing Workshop
2016, Singapore

300 Positive Preview Course (ENG)
10 September 2016, Singapore

Zhang Jin Gui Course
16 September 2016, Singapore

300 Positive Preview Course (CHI)
24 September 2016, Singapore

Re-awaken Your Inner Spirit by Jenny Sun
1 October 2016, Singapore

The Key To Numbers: Open The Door To Universal Life Energy
27/29/30 October 2016, Singapore

Compressed Success Course
18 February 2017, Singapore

Key to Numbers
25/26/28 February 2017, Singapore

Life Mastery Course
25 March 2017, Singapore

Art of Interpersonal Communication Course
29 April 2017, Singapore

Compressed Success Course
27 May 2017, Singapore

陈天星导演 《乡关何处》电影首映礼暨讲座  协办放
2 June 2017, Singapore

The Ways of Kings of Entrepreneurship
10 June 2017, Singapore

The Key to Numbers: Numerology for You
10 / 11 / 13 June 2017, Singapore

Life Mastery Course
24 June 2017, Singapore

Art of Interpersonal Communication Course
5th August 2017, Singapore

K numbers
14/15/17 October 2017, Singapore

Art of Communicaton
3 February 2018, Singapore

SME of the Year
(Popular Brand of the Year 2018)
(Buyer’s Choice of the Year 2018)
5 February 2018, Singapore

Contribute x Connect x Community Fiesta
10 February 2018, Singapore

Lions Club Singapore Goodlink
Guest of Honor- PID Charlie Chan
4 March 2018, Singapore

The 7th International Prestige Brand Award Ceremony
7 April 2018, Selangor, Malaysia

Life Mastery Course
9 June 2018, Singapore

How To Be A Sales Champion In This Millennium
7 July 2018, Singapore

Art Exhibition 2018
11 July 2018, Singapore

IBF Asia Top Business Awards 2018
6 August Kuala Lumpur

Miss Singapore Pre-meeting & Judging 2018
23-25 August 2018, Singapore

Miss Singapore Grand Finals 2018
1 September 2018, Singapore

Mrs Singapore Pre-Judging 2018
1 December 2018, Chinatown, Singapore

Mrs Singapore Grand Finals 2018
8 December 2018, Singapore

Nigeria Exploration Trip
8-16 December 2018, Nigeria


“300 Percent Positive changed my life! My perspective of how I look at things are now Positive, towards my friends, family and other aspects of my life! What you think, is what you become!”
“300 Percent Positive taught me the mindset to think positively, and gave me the courage and opportunity to believe that I can do whatever it takes and overcome any obstacle, which I feel is very applicable in school too – for people who have tests, exams everyday!”
C. Sedara
“300 Percent Positive trainings have benefited me in many ways, like Personal Development, Confidence, the way I present, and take care of myself! It has recharged me to become a better person, and inspired me to become a more successful person!”
“300 Percent Positive has taught me to maintain a Positive mindset even when facing difficult obstacles in stressful environments!”