Altai Mountain Honey


Postbiotic Altai Mountain Honey With Canadian Ginseng And Cordyceps.

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Postbiotic Altai Mountain Honey With Canadian Ginseng And Cordyceps.

Located on the borders of Kazakhstan, the Altai mountains means “Golden Mountains” in the Turkish Language and this name can be attributed to the honey produced by the beekeepers living on the mountains.

Altai Mountain honey is produced only with wild plants in an ecologically clean area, about 2000 meters above sea level  with pure mountain air, vast meadows and ancient traditions, it is thus rich in digestible monosaccharides, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants.

Pure mountain air, almost untouched nature, vast meadows and ancient traditions in the honey production are the conditions which make Altai Mountain white creamy honey distinctive from many other types of honey.

Altai Mountain white creamy mountain honey rapidly and naturally crystalizes in to an smooth creamy texture, creating a pearly white honey with a unique dedicate floral flavor unlike any other honey in the world.  It is know to have a wide range of health benefits including boosting immunity, improving appetite, improving digestion and reducing the effect of aging.

This honey is fortified with Canadian Ginseng and Cordyeps.  Both Canadian Ginseng and Cordyceps are well known tonics that are known to boost our health.  Canadian Ginseng improves vitality , improves focus and cognitive health while cordyceps can boost our immune system and strengthen our bodies.    The honey is also fortified with advanced postbiotics from Otemchi Biotechnologies and contains gut protection essence that improves your gastro-intestinal health which builds a stronger digestive system!

Enjoy the great taste of our Postbiotic Altai Mountain honey with Canadian Ginseng and Cordyceps today! Brought from nature to you!

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