“Simply life-changing! Would definitely go again!”
– B. Lim

“I love the positivity and energy of the environment!”
– R. Chua

“The best self development course I’ve been to!”
– M. Fong

“I’ve faced numerous difficulties, setbacks and obstacles in business, and always go back to 300 Percent Positive Energy, to recharge my energy and allow me to confidentally accomplish my goals in life!”
– J. Kang

“I love 300 Percent Positive and their events!”
– I. Tan

“300 Percent Positive has taught me that happiness is a choice. I’ve learnt to choose to be happy because anything can be accomplished when I am happy!”
– C. Lim

“After attending this course, I am now super inspired to achieve my goals for this year!”
– E. Nah

“I’ve learnt so many useful skillsets and mindsets to help me achieve more out of life”
– Z. Ho

“300 Percent Positive taught me the mindset to think positively, and gave me the courage and opportunity to believe that I can do whatever it takes and overcome any obstacle, which I feel is very applicable in school too – for people who have tests, exams everyday!”
– C. Sedara

“Such an impactful course. This is definitely one of the most memorable events I’ve ever been to!”
– A. Tan

“I’ve always been a fan of self development – and now I finally have a group of people who I can learn and share with!”
– A. Lee

“300 Percent Positive workshops have made me a happier person, and I also became more popular in my social circle! They have told me that they felt a better burst of energy when they hang out with me now!”
– E. Tang

“100% no regrets attending this incredible course.”
– D. Choong

“Would definitely introduce all of my friends so we can learn and grow together!”
– P. Lin

“The trainers and the people are so awesome! Their energy, their spirit, the way they do things… just amazing!”
– L. Goh

“300 Percent Positive trainings have benefited me in many ways, like Personal Development, Confidence, the way I present, and take care of myself! It has recharged me to become a better person, and inspired me to become a more successful person!”
– Rudi

“300 Percent Positive gave me many opportunities to create values for the people around me. Teaching us to not only get an ‘A’ in school, but an ‘A’ in life, those are some of the best values that one can give to others!”
– L. Lim

“I have learnt so much at the course… so much more than I did at school!”
– S. Choong

“I never thought that attending a course would be so much fun! (And enriching at the same time)”
– E. Ng

“Previously, I always felt that I must be independent. After being exposed to 300 Percent Positive workshops, I realised that to become a successful person, we must learn to first help others to help one another!”
– B. Liu

“I have grown so much as a person with the help of 300 Percent Positive, and I am expecting even more growth in the near future!”
– E. Tay

“The course helped me breakthrough in my life – Financially and relationships wise!”
– A. Ong

“Using the skills I’ve learnt at the course, I’ve made so many positive changes in my life!”
– C. Koh

“If you are looking for a positive change in your life – this is THE course to attend.”
– K. Selva